Hunter Season 2

Most recently, the hunters have been looking into reports of some strange dog attacks, perpetrated by dogs with human teeth and hands for feet. They discovered that the dogs were being used to prevent people escaping from the woods, and were being created by Klaus. Klaus has been run out of town, but something is still keeping people captive in the woods, and it seems to be dragging Murad towards it.

A strange murder has just occurred, and seems to have the FBI interested. A woman, Michelle O’Conner, has been found dead in her apartment, her body broken as if hit by a truck. Not so odd, if it wasn’t for the fact there was no blood at the scene, and surveillance videos show her being thrown across the room by an invisible assailant. Oh, and then there’s the hundreds of lead miniature horsemen placed around the body.

Hunter: Citizens for New Woodcreek

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