Hunter: Citizens for New Woodcreek

Put an old dog out of its misery

Session of 14th March 2012

A conversation with Bumppo helped to explain what had been happening recently. Bumppo helps people when they escape from captivity in the wood. Miranda has been leading children to captivity in the wood, and somehow returning a counterfeit version of the child to the parents. Bumppo has burnt her cabin safehouse as Miranda knows its location. Bumppo told Murad he needs to get rid of the red string tightening around his wrist, or get rid of his hand.

Surveillance on Miranda suggests she is looking to move house. Murad and Ben broke in, and found a bunch of files on kids she is working with in a secret draw, most from the past and closed after the camping trips, but one is still active. Ben stole the files, but Murad decided not the steal the iron longsword he found nestled in the back of a cupboard.

Zoe attended a crime scene where Michelle O’Conner had been found dead, her body badly contorted and broken, surrounded by hundreds of lead miniature horsemen. An FBI agent, Andreas Riskowski, was on scene, but left quickly. Zoe found a surveillance system the police & FBI missed, the video of which showed Michelle being thrown across the room by an invisible attacker.

The hunters ran Klaus out of town after he admitted to creating the dogs to stop people escaping the woods, and being in league with Miranda and the hangman.

Jesus has been having a strange dream the past two nights. He dreams he is wandering down a dark, wooded path. Initially the path is littered with jagged broken bricks, but the further he works the better the path, until it is a well made brick road. He arrives at a dark fourway crossroads, where he sees a gibbet swinging in the wind. He knows he should be meeting someone here, but he does not know who. He wakes with a sense of foreboding.

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