Andreas Riskowski

"FBI" "agent"


Riskowski is a member of the Cheiron Group who was posing as an FBI agent working on the Michelle O’Conner murder case. His purpose in being in Wood Creek was to apprehend Michael, who had escaped from their facility a short time before and had committed the murder.

Riskowski has strange eyes with no white around the iris, which is why he normally wears glasses with tinted lenses. He likes coffee cake. Can be either a jerk or a suck up depending on who he is talking to.


The group first met Riskowski when they became tangled in the Michelle O’Conner case. Under his tinted glasses he has weird eyes – the sclera is not white as with other humans – which initially put the group on edge. While investigating the abandoned apartment on Michelle O’Conner’s friend, Junie, Ben and Zoe were chased from the scene by Riskowski, who arrived alone before Junie had even been reported missing. Upon calling in via a payphone, Riskowski reveals that he saw Ben fleeing the scene, and asked to arrange a meeting to discuss the murders.

Zoe and Ben went to meet Riskowski in a small café, which is where they learned of his preference for coffee cake. He revealed that he worked for a secretive research company called Centaur Security (Though their telephonist, Cynthia, accidentally called it Cheiron Security several times for some reason) and needed help catching the vampire, Michael, who had escaped from their research facility. He gave Zoe a dart gun filled with serum that would disable Michael.

Riskowski collected the body of Michael from Anita’s residence shortly after his capture. The next day, the group also delivered him the detained Changeling Loyalist, Miranda. It has been made clear that he owes the group a favour, and that the group still want answers from Michael once he is conscious.

Andreas Riskowski

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