Assassin for the Tierra Libre gang.


The Hangman is called upon whenever the Tierra Libre gang need to make a visible kill, to send a message. The Hangman killed two of Jesus’s old friends, after they were set up by the Sherriff. He always wears a hangmans hood, and kills, obviously, by hanging.

Jesus and the Hangman met up again when running and errand for Klaus. Klaus asked you deliver one half a rune inscribed stick to an old woman cowering in her apartment, and the other half to his contact. His contact turned out to be the Hangman. Running this errand secured the component needed to make some talismans helpful in defeating Marchosias however.

The group’s third encounter with the Hangman was while investigating the tooth-dogs. Murad gained access to information about a drug ring that traded meth for teeth and found that the Hangman was part of the operation, but accidentally implicated a local homeless woman in the process (I have forgotten her name). The woman was later found by the group, hanging from a bridge. Zoey and Murad acted fast enough to save her life, while Ben and Jesus gave chase to the hangman by car. He managed to escape. Later, the group found the Hangman’s name listed under a file titled “Guards” on Natalie Bummpo’s laptop. After much persuasion, Klaus revealed to the gang that the Hangman works with him and Miranda to entice children into the forest and stop them from coming back out.


  • When Jesus burst in on the hangman, he went suddently blind.
  • Always wears a hangmans hood


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