Magic shop owner


Klaus owns a magic shop. He helped out in the defeat of Marchosias by providing some magical amulets, in return for delivering half of a rune inscribed stick to a cowering old lady, and half to the Hangman.

Klaus helped out again when people were reluctant to turn to The Duke to learn the true name of the glutton “djinn” linked to the garbage union. When called by its true name, the “djinn” must follow the person who named it, even off of cliffs to be dashed on the rocks below. He gave Murad a long needle tied to a red thread. Klaus claims that if the thread is looped around one hand, an incantation to “Lord of Leaves Lorentine” said, then when the needle is stuck into the “djinn”, it must follow.

When the group began investigating the origins of the tooth-dog creature that bit Brad, and the organisation that was swapping teeth for drugs, Klaus suggested the group go into the woods to find the mysterious Natalie Bumppo. Later, when the group were attacked by more tooth-dogs at the house of Toussaint Lamoure, Murad heard music, and later found a bow-like stick carved with runes and twined with red string in an alley nearby. The string matched that which Klaus had given to the group to combat the glutton demon, and the rune-carved stick appeared strikingly similar to those which the group had delivered to the cowering old woman and Hangman in an earlier episode.

When confronted, Klaus admitted to creating the dogs with human teeth to prevent people escaping from captivity in the woods, as well as being in cahoots with Miranda and the hangman to keep people in captivity in the woods. He has promised to leave the country and never return, an offer that Jesus accepted on behalf of the group.


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