Violent, crazed vampire.


When CfNWC first met Michael, he was crazed and covered in blood. He had long greasy hair, a rubbish little beard and gross, pale white skin. Despite his thin, wiry frame, he exhibited considerable strength – seriously injuring Zoe and breaking the attempted grapple of several others – and also seemed to have the ability to turn invisible, leading to his escape from the group into the depths of the sewers.

When the group encountered Michael again months later, his physical appearance had changed considerably. He was hulking and muscular and physically stronger – perhaps as a result of the Cheiron Group’s experiments. He also seemed capable of moving at increased speed and was able to dodge many attempted blows at close-range. Despite his increased physical strength, he still used stealth/invisibility to enter the homes of his victims.


Michael was the perpetrator of several murders in Woodcreek. Speaking most often in riddles, and killing for no ascertainable reason and living in a maintenance room in the sewers, Michael is not the most stable of characters. He seems to have fled Woodcreek, not having been seen since the start of the thing with the Sherriff. His involvement in the whole Sherrif-demon-summoning deal seems to be that he stole the book which had the ritual to summon Marchosias in it from Harmony Hildebrand, in return for the Sherrif agreeing to cover up Michael’s more bloody habits.

Months later, the group encountered Michael again. The strange answerphone messages the group had been receiving appeared to be from him, although a link was not made until the messages ascended into murders. Zoe was called to a murder scene in which a woman had been killed – seemingly by being hit by a car, despite being in her own home – and then had small military figurines arranged around her corpse. Zoe realised this was a continuation of the phone calls, which were lines from the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, one at a time. This murder was “all the King’s horses.” Zoe also found a surveillance system within the house, which showed an invisible assailant enter the room and knock Michelle O’Conner out of the frame to her death.

There was evidence of Michael striking again at Michelle’s friend, Junie’s flat. Ben and Zoe found the flat broken into, evidence of a struggle, some more military figurines (“all the King’s men”), but no corpse. The group held a stakeout at Michelle’s other friend’s house, Anita’s, which is where they expected Michael would strike next. He entered the house invisibly, via a window, and the group were able to stop him before he killed Anita, but not before he killed her helper, Mark. Michael was incapacitated by the group, and handed over to the Cheiron Group via Andreas Riskowski.


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