Michelle O'Conner

Former punk rocker found dead in weird circumstances


Zoe was called to attend to a dead body while on her rounds. She found the corpse of Michelle O’Conner crumpled against her apartment’s wall like she’d been hit by a truck. The body was surrounded by figurines of Revolutionary War-era British soldiers, and was holding a cellphone showing an ended call to her former bandmate, Anita Lieber. Zoe talked to the strangely-eyed FBI agent Andreas Riskowski, who claimed to suspect PCP.
After some investigation, Zoe also found a deoderant bottle and lighter thrown under the bed and hidden surveillance equipment which showed an invisible figure slamming O’Conner into the wall.

The scene may well be related to the series of strange phone calls received at HQ – “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men”…


Michelle O'Conner

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