The Duke

Purple ragged fan of murder and knower of secrets.


The Duke lives surrounded by stray dogs in an abandoned church, his clammy skin smells of stale milk although it is barely seen under the mountain of purple rags he wears. The Duke had information about where and when the PTA ritual to summon Marchosias was going to happen, but only revealed it after Ben agreed, when called, to kill for the Duke. Marchosias also provide two strange knives which were the only things able to hurt Marchosias’ hellhounds.

Ben began to have recurrent dreams in which he dreamt he was a divorced computer programmer, and a figure holding Ben’s signature crowbar climbed through his window and killed him. Plagued to breaking by the dreams and lack of sleep, Ben followed the path in his dreams, and murdered the programmer.


  • Provided seemingly magical knives
  • Can inspire nightmares
  • Knowledge of Marchosias
  • Everything else about the Duke

The Duke

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