Hot Rod's

The group's second, more secret, safehouse


Hot Rod’s is an old, run down garage which the group has recently begun renting to use as a secret hideout.

Assets include:

  • Running water
  • Two office rooms
  • One larger room
  • A bathroom

Items currently kept at Hot Rod’s:

  • The disembodied head of a tooth dog, apparently

In terms of mechanics:

  • Size 2
  • Secrecy 2
    (Please correct if I’m wrong here, I can’t remember!)

NPCs who know about the safehouse:

Things to acquire:

  • Furniture
  • Working electric
  • A chest freezer?
  • Safehouse: TRAPS

Hot Rod’s is an old, abandoned garage which the group began renting (for cash, with the promise of doing work on it) once their involvement in New Woodcreek’s occult underbelly became more noticeable… and more dangerous. From the outside, it appears to be entirely derelict. The group plastered the wire fence exterior with posters to make it difficult for passers-by to see in with ease, and the windows of the building itself have been boarded up to prevent – or at least hinder – the possibility of spying.

The inside, currently, is about as grim looking as the outside. Whilst the group has managed to get the water running and cleaned up the building’s rooms somewhat, there is no furniture and rubbish still litters the floor, even if it is all in one corner now.

Hot Rod's

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