The Soup Kitchen

The gang's main safehouse


Citizens for New Woodcreek’s HQ is a soup kitchen out of which the group publicly do their charity work.

Assets include:

  • A kitchen
  • An office (upstairs)
  • ? Other rooms ?
  • A phone with an answer machine
  • At least one computer (low quality)

Items currently kept at HQ:

  • Demon killing knife from the Smelly Duke
  • The Duffle Bag
  • Tapes of “In Reigments Purple Sat The Duke” by Taft III

In terms of mechanics:

  • Cache 2
  • Size 2
  • Traps 1

The building is on _____ Street in the (East?) of the city. Surrounding areas of note include _____.

Significant Plot Moments:

  • In Series 2 the group found a dead body in the dumpster outside the building, which had been left there by an addict working for the garbage union, who were collecting and feeding the corpses to a demon.
  • The Soup Kitchen was receiving strange messages on their answer phone which seemed to be lines from the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

The Soup Kitchen

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