garbage union

Currently running the garbage collection throughout the city, the union is run by Tom Lomax. There are stories of a cull of employees around the time Lomax ascended to union boss, and the union is now a very tight group. Watching them at a diner for breakfast, Murad noticed they all had a tattoo on their inner wrist, reading in old arabic “Servant of Glutton”.

Shortly after Lomax became head of union, Jesus found out that the Tierra Libre gang had begun dumping their victims in certain dumpsters around the city, and they were disposed of with no questions asked.

Recently, members of the union have been found offering cash incentives to the growing population of heroin addicts to kill people and leave the bodies in dumpsters.

Murad tied the tattoo “Servant of Glutton” to an old story in one of Harmony Hildebrand‘s books about a “djinn” that in return for being fed bodies gave power and charisma to its provider. The story seems to described quite well how demons seem to have worked in Murad’s experience. The story also stated that the only way to destroy the djinn would be to call it by its true name, and then it would have to follow the person who named it, even if it meant being dashed on rocks at the bottom of a cliff. Not knowing the true name of the gluttonous “djinn”, and reluctant to go to The Duke to find out, Murad instead turned to Klaus.

The union is losing control of the garbage disposal services in the city, being replaced by Maksudoski Hygiene Services shortly. The time of the succesful Maksudoski bid seems to coincide with the start of the union sponsored murders. They seem to want more bodies than their agreement with the Tierra Libre can provided, possibly to feed the gluttonous “djinn”.

garbage union

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